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Keeping good health has always been and will be the most important question asked by man.


Complete novelty – Milimeter Wave Therapy.


Milimeter Wave Therapy (MMW) is a new revolutionary method in medical care. It has been elaborated by famous Russian scientists under the supervision of a member of Russian Science Academy Nikołaj Dmitrijewicz Dewiatkow and Prof. S.P. Sitko.


The method has undergone long-lasting clinical tests that proved its extreme efficiency. Since the same frequencies and intensities are used as the ones used by cells, the process of organism support does not show any side effects.


The device may be successfully used in animal therapy.


RGAmed 2 set modulates frequencies of the organism within the area that is subject to the treatment and works as a synchronization mechanism.  It restores natural, proper “rhythm of the organism", that was lost during illness. This way a proper and inborn organism’s system of information transfer is protected.

RGAmed 2 – is an exceptionally effective and easy to use set, and thanks to its small size, it appears practical not only in hospitals and modern health centers, but also for every member of a typical family at home and it may also be used during journeys, work breaks.

Program No.1- The phenomenon of using crystal as a radiator is an ability to save information in form of vibration frequencies from humans, animals, plants, medications or other object.  When the saving stage is finished, disconnect the wire from the crystal and the crystal transfers the information previously saved on it back to the body or drinking water, which may also be quickly structurized by the set. A vessel containing up to 5 litres, filled with water, is structurized with one radiator within 10 minutes when Pr 2 is on! Water that has been prepared this way forms a perfect agent stimulating natural processes of our organism, and when the previously read vibrations are added, it resembles individually matched homeopathic medication or required "now and here" individual vaccine. So we can create highly effective and completely safe type of so called water vaccine against flue, catarrh or any other more dangerous infections of body, skin.

Program No.2- operation of Milimeter Waves of extremely high frequency (NWC)

Recommendations for therapy:

Program No.3 One of the greatest advantages of RGA-medic2 is its zapper device.

The zapper function in RGAmed 2 is based on the method developed on the grounds of 45 years of researches conducted by microbiologist Dr. Huld Clark, investigating hidden sources of illnesses. The book “Kuracje Życia”, translated into many languages, includes description of reasons of many illnesses, which develop because of growing colonies of viruses, bacteria, fungus, mold or parasites. The colonies are resistant to most of the substances we intake and even feed themselves with the preservatives which come to our organisms with food.

Program 3 liquidates all the parasites, fungus, bacteria, viruses, both in people and animals and most importantly, it is effective in fighting wide-spread Lyme disease. The application of the amenity in form of appropriate time program and wrist bands connected to RGAmedic2 enables stress-free treatment. An hour of relax a day is enough to get rid of troublesome and weakening organism parasites and other toxins, that are washed away with the structurized water drank during the day.

The milimeter wave technology was primarily meant for Russian army, including the realization of the space program for interplanetary manned flights. It was designed for fast and effective removal of any disharmonies, dysfunctions and illnesses without medical assistance and medications, during long journeys on board of space ships or submarines when performing long-lasting missions without calling at a port.

These devices have been admitted for civil use and have been twice awarded the Russian equivalent of the Nobel Price. The sets have been officially introduced to Russian clinics, hospitals and health centers. They have also gained certification of Medical Devices EU and USA and they are becoming more and more popular.